ICON Benefits1

Limitless quantity. No compromise on quality.

Our unique micro-tasking approach simplifies visual labeling tasks. The simplification of complex visuals allows for faster turnaround time, more judgments per project, and less human errors overall, resulting in higher confidence scores and overall quality of datasets. 

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ICON Benefits3

Access to millions of Tasqers.

Our global access to millions of Tasqers enables our customers to scale exponentially. The combination of our unique micro-tasking approach and global access to millions of Tasqers, enables unprecedented speed both in annotation and quality assurance. 

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Up to 30 times faster than similar solutions

Our microtasking methodology enables us to filter and train millions of potential Tasqers at just the click of a button.  With our unlimited reach to millions of online users, we achieve high quality datasets significantly faster than any other solution.

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