Lionbridge Alternative's ultra-scale next-gen data solutions for AI, enables data scientists to iterate, train and deploy ML models faster than any other solution.
Reach Faster To Production – Lionbridge vs.

Why is a great Lionbridge Alternative?

Mobile multi-platform labeling
Elasticity: The freedom to control per demand
Usage-based pricing
Commitment to quality: No compromise
No-code hybrid dynamic workflows
Enhanced ML
Unbiased: Multi-cultural crowds
Ultra scale: Millions of tasqers
Pay as you grow: Start small if needed
Reach Faster To Production – Lionbridge vs.

Complete transparency & full control

Wisdom of the Crowd

Instead of sampling worker data and projecting quality, we assign each and every micro-task to multiple workers and then collect additional judgments until the required quality metrics are achieved. This creates the first true ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ solution when every individual label was executed by multiple Tasqers and represents a consensus of opinion.

Instant Qualification has the ability to train a Tasqer in minutes, to perform a micro-task. It relies on sophisticated algorithms to train, qualify, test and monitor digital workers to perform micro-tasks accurately and diligently.

Validating Data to Build Mathematical Confidence

Once an object is annotated and labeled, Tasqers validate the existence of the object in an image or video. The Tasqers’ multiple judgments are validated, weighted, rated and aggregated into a structured schema of actionable insights.