How do you add a YouTube annotation which boosts your subscription numbers?

Tasq Team
Tasq Team

Annotations are the pop-up windows that appear when viewing a YouTube video. Recently, they gave off an impression of being cheap and spammy, which made videos borderline irritating to watch. However, the game of annotation has evolved, and there are now several techniques to annotate your films that will both pleasure viewers and increase conversions.

There is a distinction between throwing a pop-up in the face of your viewer and providing a message in a useful and discreet manner. Imagine that I am attempting to sell you a sandwich by stuffing it in your mouth. Then, assume that I provide you with a taste of the sandwich and suggest additional sandwiches you may like. Which approach do you prefer? This is the distinction between improper and proper pop-ups. Now that we have the necessary tools, we can do it correctly every time.

Annotations on YouTube have recently undergone significant changes. End screens are a great way to advertise your business without disrupting the flow of your YouTube broadcasts. Annotations, which play after the video’s conclusion, may encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, suggest related videos, playlists, and channels, and even advertise your website (once you have enough channel views). Thanks to a four-element restriction per video, we are no longer plagued with annotation spam. Moreover, annotations now function on mobile devices.

How to Easily Insert Annotations on YouTube

You’ve finally come around to the idea that your YouTube videos may benefit from some appropriate annotations, and now we’ll teach you how to accomplish it. This step-by-step instruction will bring you through a fundamental, beginner-level annotation approach to acquaint you with the process. It is up to you where you carry your annotations from here, and we hope you go far!

  1. The first step is to choose a video that has already been published to your YouTube account.
  2. On your channel’s homepage, click the symbol in the upper-right corner of the page, then pick “YouTube Studio”. The drop-down is found in the upper-right corner, under the drop-down for your account.
  3. Select the movie you like to edit by clicking the icon next to the “Edit” option and selecting the desired video. This will appear to the right of your video’s picture. Click “End screen & Annotations” from this drop-down option.
  4. A new screen will appear, and your video will begin playing automatically. When it approaches the place where you want to begin annotating, press pause. You may even fast-forward to the precise location where you want to add your remark.
  5. Click the link “Add element” button. The following annotation choices will show in a drop-down menu: “Subscribe”, “Video or Playlist”, “Channel,” and “Other.” “Link”. Click the desired annotation style, and it will be placed in the article. At least one of your components must be a clip or a playlist.
  6. Choose the length of your commentary. Annotations typically show up after the video’s conclusion, however, there are exceptions such as when you wish your annotations to stay on screen for a longer amount of time (subscription button) or when you want another video to play. For instance, my video concludes at 3:05, while the material concludes at 3:00. Consequently, I decided to place my video annotations and subscribe box between 3:00 and 3:06. This enables the reader to see the whole page without any video being blocked. Consequently, you should allow space after your films for these remarks.
  7. Add a maximum of four annotations. Now that you understand how to add annotations, you are free to utilize any additional annotations you like. For the sake of illustrating my point, I put a connection to another channel, as well as a button to subscribe to this channel and two video links. It is common to contain a maximum of two videos and a button to subscribe.
  8. Remember to save your changes. Click “Save” to apply the modifications you’ve made. At this stage, it is advisable to review your newly-improved video again. If you want to modify a few of your annotations, just follow the steps mentioned in the previous section.
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