Smart annotation for accurate predictions


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Autonomous and Self Driving Vehicle Developers that need numerous labeled images and videos to train their ML models to the highest accuracy rates, can scale their Labeling Data substantially by using the Tasq Platform. If its street view video or images, classification, labeling objects or marking lanes, we got you all covered with our human Tasqers using our innovative Labeling Tools and ML capabilities to scale your needs and supply you the highest quality annotations for ground truth data.


Medical Imagery with extra precision is handled with the highest quality measures to insure pixel accurate annotations where needed. The Tasq Platform also enables unique confidentiality measures on the images to avoid security issues.


If its labeling items in a supermarket cart or categorizing apparel, Tasq has vast experience in building the WorkFlows to generate high quality validated datasets to train your computer vision models and reach higher conversion rates.

Drone Imagery

In the Last few years, Drones have become part of lives in diagnosis of Agriculture, alertion of Security & Safety breaches, analysis of Traffic  and even for conducting Deliveries of products. Analyzing Drone imagery is a challenge mostly due to the amount of objects needed to be labeled and categorized in a single one frame, the resolution and the accuracy needed. Tasq’s WorkFlows are designed perfectly to answer these needs.