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Tasq.ai works with leading GenAI companies, enterprises, and government agencies.

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A customized AI flow, tailored to your data, using Decentralized Human Guidance and world-class models to optimize your results.

AI Flow Platform

Tasq.ai introduces a transformative approach to artificial intelligence with its configurable AI flow platform. This innovative solution empowers organizations to effortlessly adapt AI technologies to their specific needs, streamlining operations and enabling innovation. It’s the gateway to unlocking the full potential of AI, making complex integrations a thing of the past. With Tasq.ai, you’re not just adopting AI; you’re customizing the future of your business.

Human Guidance

By combining the best of human insights into the fabric of machine intelligence, our innovative platform brings you Decentralized Human Guidance: enabling unmatchable accuracy, scaling, seamlessness, and flexibility. It’s AI, but with a human touch—ethical, adaptable, and aligned with your most complex needs. Step into the future with Tasq.ai.

Best-in-Class Models

At Tasq.ai, we empower our clients with access to the best models available, enabling unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, and ensuring these are made applicable to your use case. You can implement these in your AI workflows, add Decentralized Human Guidance, and constantly optimize results to create a sustainable long-term decisive business advantage.

What We Do

Tasq.ai orchestrates the ML and GenAI lifecycle by combing world-class models and seamless human guidance for leading AI practitioners.

The Complete DataOps System

Curate & label

With unique Decentralized Human Guidance for seamless automation & allocation of globally distributed Tasqers

your model

Use best-in-class models optimized on your data, enabling you to plug into, embrace and benefit from the ecosystem 

Solve your
accuracy issues

Combine the best of humans and machines in an endless process of optimization providing unprecedented accuracy


Your models train automatically as labeled data accumulates, ensuring models autonomously adapt and evolve, with highest ethical standards


Enjoy peace of mind knowing your models are constantly evaluated –
even generative AI is kept in check thanks to Decentralized Human Guidance

Tasq Solver - Continously Improving

How You Benefit


True accuracy is driven by unyielding comparison to ground truth, constant comparisons of human answers, checking, validating, and relentless optimization across the entire lifecycle until you get to the ultimate decision.


Experience the smoothest data-related process imaginable with our white-glove service, ensuring absolute peace of mind. Join the ranks of our enterprise clients who are exponentially growing their AI capabilities with us.


Our unique architecture facilitates explosive scaling with just a few clicks. Whether you're working on niche projects or massive LLMs, your experience will remain consistently smooth.


With our solution, your data and models are tailored to your specifications, offering unmatched versatility. Focus on creating intelligent applications while easily training, optimizing, evaluating, fine-tuning and improving your models.

Responsible AI

We prioritize the delivery of more responsible AI by embedding Decentralized Human Guidance into our process. Our global reach includes every country in the world, removing bias and ensuring consistent results.

Multimodal Data

Built for Busy Data Science and ML Experts

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