How Noogata Accelerated AI Model Development with for Product Analysis on Amazon Marketplace

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Noogata required a robust solution to manage and accurately label a significant volume of data for training an AI model capable of product discovery and competitor analysis on Amazon. The initial manual methods and tools, such as Google Sheets, were inefficient and prone to inaccuracies, making it challenging to achieve the desired level of model sophistication and accuracy.

They initially tried to manage it internally only to find out that it takes many hours and is tedious, exhausting and frustrating. When they tried to outsource it through BPOs, they found it expensive, time consuming and the quality wasn’t that great either.


Noogata teamed up with to enhance its Amazon product analysis AI, leveraging’s global human guidance labeling for a more efficient data annotation process. This collaboration halved the project timeline, reduced costs, and boosted the model’s accuracy and performance, all with no overhead. This strategic partnership streamlined operations and set the stage for the model’s successful deployment.


Noogata streamlined its AI development for Amazon product analysis through a partnership with, cutting project delivery times and maintaining low costs. Leveraging’s adaptive labeling and custom workflows, Noogata boosted its model accuracy to 97%, enabling a swift launch of advanced AI analysis tools with minimal overhead.


Noogata supercharged its Amazon product analysis project with’s innovative global human guidance labeling, providing a fast, flexible, and cost-efficient path to superior data annotation. This powerful collaboration ensured high-quality results, meeting project needs with unparalleled efficiency.

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