Use cases

Detect defects

Our next gen data labeling technology enables robotics manufacturers to detect defects in manufacturing lines at unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Reduce human error

We bring simultaneous aerial imaging drone training annotation solutions with less human error and intervention to the drone and robotics industry.

Frequently asked questions

Do we need to build our own workflow?
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Can our internal labelers work on the platform for free?
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What is the pricing model for the solution & platform?
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  • Yair Adato, PhD.
  • CTO, Bria
"'s unique solution enabled us to collect dynamic judgments from a massive, diverse crowd in an extremely cost effective way, faster than any other solution we evaluated."
  • Tzvi Jacobs
  • Operations Manager, Agroscout
"We've worked with several companies on computer vision annotation tasks and we found the team as the best in supporting us with vast knowledge and experience in the field."
  • Vlad Streltsin
  • Algorithm Engineer, Supersmart
" is our solution of choice when it comes to complex data annotation. Its innovative micro-tasking workflow approach allowed us to set up a fully functional and highly customized tagging pipeline with minimal setup time and outstanding results."

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