Sports, Media & Entertainment

We help Agriculture manufacturers, assembling companies, app developers and operators to significantly improve their Machine Learning models for computer vision in drones.

Use Cases

Accomplish so much more enables Media, Sports, and Entertainment companies to improve their ML models for a variety of use cases such as annotations and tracking of players and objects on the court, detect and classify logos and brands within video content and ads, rank, categorize and classify media content and more.


We support the identification and tracking of players on fields and courts.  Our customers can build the most sophisticated models for 3D replays and match analysis in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

Content Moderation

We enable content moderation solutions for various social media and entertainment platforms to protect their online communities. From images and videos with illegal substances, weapons, and violence to texts supporting violent activities or bullying.

Brand Exposure

Our customers can detect, annotate and analyze the exposure of their brands throughout all media channels.

Reduce Human Error

We bring simultaneous aerial imaging drone training annotation solutions with less human error and intervention to the drone and robotics industry.

Other Industries