Content Moderation

The importance of content moderation

Content moderation is simply defined as a process of screening and monitoring user-generated content online. In order to provide a safe environment for users and brands, platforms must moderate their content to ensure that it is in accordance with pre-established specific guidelines of acceptable behavior for each platform and its audience.

Content moderation at scale

Human-in-the-loop review to validate the quality of the datasets pre and post model is essential for almost every AI development. Most of the time, you’d just need a quick glance and verdict from a human (or several, to create higher confidence scores) to validate that the data is annotated accurately. can generate millions of human validations faster and more cost effectively than any other solution and can be deployed seamlessly in the production process of your AI developments.

Automated content moderation

Automated moderation is a process where any kind of user-generated content previously submitted on an online platform automatically goes through processing based on platform-specific rules. In this case, data can be accepted, refused, or sent to human moderation for additional checks.

Human content moderation

Human moderation is a practice where humans are screening and monitoring user-generated content and deciding if it’s acceptable or not, based on platforms guidelines and policies. It can be a great support, even toward automated moderation, because people are better at understanding the context of provided data.

Content moderation is critical

Content Moderation has become mandatory for all online and media producers. As the amount of online content breaks records every second, and almost all parts of the population are exposed to it, we witness more fake news, internet trolls, racism, bullying, sexual solicitation, and pornography that are damaging our communities and societies.

For the global society, it is a non-negotiable part of every data transfer between platforms and users, and it is requested to be available and respectfully translated for every language known, regardless of users’ geographic locations. Content Moderation Platform leverages our multi-million diverse Global Tasqers workforce to support unprecedented scaling of Content Moderation for Enterprises. Our unique global workforce allows us to moderate text, visuals, and audio in almost every language across most of the countries in the world.

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