• Aug 03 | 2021

Distributed‌ ‌Data-Labelling‌ ‌at‌ ‌Scale‌ ‌

Introduction As AI becomes more accurate and available, it’s being adopted by almost every company looking to use data in o...
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    by: Nati Catalan
    Jan 28 | 2022

    Improving confidence in synthetic image data with Tasq ‘Realness’ rankings

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are advancing at an astounding pace, much faster than anyone could hav...
    by: Nati Catalan
    Dec 13 | 2021

    75 public Machine Learning Datasets

    Machine learning is the study of systems with the capability to imitate human learning with the help of algorithms and advanc...
    by: Vadym Boikov
    Dec 09 | 2021

    Want to build your own AI models? It’s easier than you might think

    A 2019 survey by McKinsey says that the majority of executives who have adopted AI solutions for their businesses report an i...
    by: Aya Weinstein
    Nov 24 | 2021

    What is Computer Vision? Brief Overview & Applications

    A brief introduction to computer vision If we were to ask you to name the objects in the picture below, you would probably co...
    by: Aya Weinstein
    Nov 09 | 2021

    Needle in a haystack: Using Tasq for large-scale labeling of tiny objects

    Crop scouting is an important process in farming. It involves assessing pest pressure, typically insects, and crop performanc...
    by: Aya Weinstein
    Nov 09 | 2021

    Using sub-labels for robust image annotation QA

    The images that you use to train, validate, and test your machine learning (ML) algorithms have a significant impact on the s...
    by: Or Peles
    Nov 02 | 2021

    Quality measurement of synthetic data

    Data is the new oil in today’s digital age, but a slim few are so lucky as to have access to a gusher. That’s why so many...
    by: Or Peles
    Oct 26 | 2021

    Improving labeling quality with old school automation

    Data labeling, or image annotation where the data is an image, is the first and arguably most important step in the AI and ma...

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