• Sep 22 | 2022

The 10 Best Public Datasets

Introduction As AI becomes more accurate and available, it’s being adopted by almost every company looking to use data in o...
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    by: Tasq Team
    Sep 22 | 2022

    The 10 Best Public Datasets

    Training data is essential in developing an effective Machine Learning (ML) model. This method of carefully constructing data...
    by: Tasq Team
    Sep 12 | 2022

    Image Annotation: How Companies Produce High-Quality Training Data

    Image Annotation is gaining traction across several industries. It labels images either manually or automatically to train su...
    by: Tasq Team
    Aug 29 | 2022

    Synthetic Data Generation

    Data continues to be an integral part of today’s world, especially in the daily interactions between humans and machine...
    by: Nati Catalan
    Aug 25 | 2022

    AI Ethics – The Hope and the Worry

    To ensure AI’s future is responsible, we must ask off-putting ethical questions. In this article, we aim to introduce ...
    by: Tasq Team
    Aug 05 | 2022

    What are semantic search engines and how can they help you improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce business?

    Learn about how an AI-powered semantic search ecosystem can help increase the revenue of your eCommerce platform. Semantic Se...
    by: Nati Catalan
    Apr 25 | 2022

    Artificial Intelligence Bias Escape

    AI holds huge potential for facilitation, but it also supplements negative outcomes if data scientists don’t recognize ...
    by: Nati Catalan
    Mar 30 | 2022

    The Challenge of Developing Unbiased AI Systems

    The Challenge of Developing an Unbiased AI As AI models become a greater part of the digital industrial revolution, it has be...
    Mar 25 | 2022

    Long data cut off

    The term data catalog could be described as a detailed inventory of all data assets within the organization, designed in orde...

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