An International Food and Beverage Giant Gains Valuable Customer Insights

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A multinational snack company wanted to gain insights into their products’ usage, targeting specific geos and demographics to learn about specific products.

For each product, classification was:

  • Acquire – Never purchased the product.
  • Retain – Purchased the product in the past 6m.
  • Reclaim – Purchased the product prior to 6m.

Where possible, gender, age, location, social economical status, education, and marital status were collected.


The company leveraged Tasq’s unlimited global reach, on-demand professional crowd of Tasqers and Decentralized Human Guidance that can be spun up or down, based on project needs.



The Workflow

  • Step 1: Gather images of relevant Products
  • Step 2: Quality. Define “trick” questions to make
    sure the crowd is answering correctly (including
    fake products and “must-answer” questions)
  • Step 3: Build workflow (simply change questions
    if needed) and target the right geo


A high quality dataset was quickly generated that provided priceless insights into customer behavior. 

1,000 people were targeted in one specific geo (in this case, Spain) and demographic filters will be added. 

For example, one popular snack showed that:

  • In the past 6 months: 60% purchased
  • Six month ago or more: 27% purchased
  • Never purchased: 13% of respondents

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