Similarity & Comparison

More accurate decisions

AI decision-making is most likely an imperative for all businesses driven by sales and demand, regardless of operating sector. The simplified explanation of this process is that AI decision-making is data processing which includes trends analysis and suggestions for valid action. Further steps are done partly or completely by an AI platform instead of a human-based logic to quantify data to make more precise & accurate predictions and decisions.

Getting data right

During Covid19 lockdowns, numerous people were forced to make purchases without the possibility of physical contact-based decisions, so they shared a huge amount of data with companies, that can be evaluated, filtered, and adjusted for one or multiple customers’ needs. Companies hurried to make their businesses adapted and visible on the internet, and not a small number failed in that process because of unstable policies regarding users’ privacy and poor website infrastructures.

E-commerce, retail, and social media platforms benefit greatly from offering their customers continuous information and attractive offers to the individual, targeted consumer interests. Improving the model’s predictions, to which product or article to present to a specific user once they complete a purchase or finish reading an article, is critical to their success. The ability to compare, find and rank similarities between images objectively and build the right product trees, enables e-commerce, retail and social media platforms to increase engagement and as a result, improve their Conversion Rates (CVR). We recognized the demand for comparison and similarity-based decision making through various sectors and their customers/users’ claims, which helps us to develop highly valuable and precise data responses for our customers.

With constant development and acknowledgment, positioned itself as a trustful partner for various businesses worldwide when it comes to product comparison/similarity processes.

Our goal is to cover up the high number of users’ interests through different business offers and lend them properly, individual-tailored offers for desired products or services.

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