E-commerce & Retail​

We help drone manufacturers, assembling companies, app developers and operators to significantly improve their Machine Learning models for computer vision in drones.

Use Cases

All information at your fingertips​

Identify thousands of localized products from hundreds of countries in any language. Tasq your ecommerce project to enhance product comparisons, recommendations and suggestions, search relevance, shop-the-look, and more.

Improve conversion rates​

Our image annotation solutions enable retailers to improve their Conversion Rates (CVR) and increase Average Order Value (AOV).

Identify products & human behavior​

We leverage computer vision applications to quickly and easily identify products and human behaviour in stores for frictionless checkouts in addition to advanced shelf management solutions for logistic optimizations.

One solution, any language​

Our massive global community of Tasqers assist in the identification of thousands of localized products from various countries and in different languages. With nextgen image annotation solutions, retailers can improve their Conversion Rates (CVR) and increase Average Order Value (AOV).

Reduce Human Error

We bring simultaneous aerial imaging drone training annotation solutions with less human error and intervention to the drone and robotics industry.

Other Industries