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What is the best image labeling tool for object detection?

Data labeling ranks high in the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Data labeling can be handled by humans or through the training of Machine Learning models. Initial labeling is commonly done by humans, but with more training with that data, computers level up the precision in prediction capabilities. There are some data labeling tools that are automating the process but it is always a better option to hire professional companies and contributors, such as

We offer a wide range of services related to data labeling, from point zero to highly valuable and trustful data outcomes. Data labeling services of our company include but are not limited to:

Image Annotations- Technology used for multiple image processing with segregated objects and our properly chosen label.

Video Annotations- Used for recognizing the objects in a video and tracking them through various sequences of a video.

Transcription – Used to transcript videos, audio files, and images with high accuracy and from various languages.

Computer Vision Labeling- Used for recognizing and identifying objects on a screen, while improving model prediction availabilities on a higher level.

Synthetic Data Validation- Group of people around the world under one name Taskquers monitoring workflows in order to validate the realism of the data generated by Synthetic Data Generators.

Companies who hired us for object detection and labeling during the development of autonomous driving software can witness that we are delivering high-quality data outcomes which are respectful to use in the further development process. Our tool is accessible in any browser through precompiled js /CSS scripts which are available and developed for any browser. Our company has a few benefits which are highly appreciated on the market, and that is one of the reasons we constantly  improving it:

  • Our  tool is easy to use and automated
  • It supports data labeling for different types of data
  • Generating a high-level dataset with a precise and stable labeling workflow
  • It is accessible for any browser and it can be embedded in personal applications code.

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