LLM Validation & Evaluation MLOps with Iguazio (Acquired by McKinsey).


In this session, Yaron Haviv, CTO Iguazio was joined by Ehud Barnea, PHD, Head of AI at Tasq.ai and Guy Lecker ML Engineering Team Lead, Iguazio to discuss how to validate, evaluate and fine tune an LLM effectively. They shared firsthand tips of how to solve the production hurdle of LLM evaluation, improving LLM performance, eliminating risks, along with a live demo of a fashion chatbot that leverages fine-tuning to significantly improve the model responses.


Ehud Barnea
PhD, Head of AI, Tasq.ai

Yaron Haviv
Co-founder and CTO at Iguazio (Acquired by McKinsey)

Guy Lecker
ML Engineer Team Lead, Iguazio

Iguazio Recording

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